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Unicus Fitness won the Thumbtack award recognizing us as one of the top ten personal training companies in Chicago.

UNICUS Fitness® Personal Training Programs are based around the principles of Bi0-Mechanical Inefficiency Training and The Stretch Reset Principle. This means that the body’s muscles are forced to create and be under a large amount of tension with no rest and the body itself must work harder than normal to expend more calories per unit of time. So what UNICUS Fitness® Personal Training is good for is making people smaller, tighter, healthier and sexier. What it is not good for is bulking up or making people “Huge”….


***We earned Thumbtacks Best Personal Trainers in Chicago award as one of the Top 10 Personal Training Companies in Chicago. Check it out here

Our Personal Training saves you both Time and Money

There are 2 currencies in this world, Time and Money. You can make more of one, but not of the other. We have proven time and again, that fitness success is not based on the clock on the wall, but how much Effort you give. So to that end, our personal training packages are divided into the following offerings:
Regular Personal Training: 30 Minute Sessions that provide the average client a more than sufficient workout

Extended Personal Training: 45 Minute Sessions that are more appropriate for customers needing a little more time, attention and rest inside the workout


In addition, Unicus Fitness provides several different personal training tracks for customers to choose from based on the type of help that they need:

Rapid Fat Loss Personal Training: This track is for people who are looking to lose fat while maintaining or gaining lean muscle. The main focus we try to stress is inches lost and not weight loss for customers.

Sports Conditioning Personal Training: This track is excellent for any athletes that are trying to not only get in shape for their sport, but to make their body more injury resistant. Power development, speed conditioning and recovery training are all main principles for this track.

Post Injury Rehab Personal Training: This track is for anyone trying to overcome an injury or surgical procedure and they need help with their exercise programming, knowing what to do so that they don’t get hurt again. It is NOT physical therapy, but an extension for after physical therapy is done and the customer still needs help with overcoming their physical limitations.

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Our personal trainers not only help to motivate but to help make sure you stay safe and injury free while doing your workout plan

Pre and Post Natal Personal Training: This track is for expectant mothers trying to get in shape for a healthy birth and new mothers who are trying to lose the baby weight and regain their healthy form. Our personal trainers have years of experience working with mothers and we can make sure that your workout program is both safe and effective.

Every Package also comes with the UNICUS Fitness® 60 Day Money Back Ironclad Guarantee. If you are unhappy in anyway with your progress or don’t feel like you are getting the results that you are paying for, let us know within the first 60 days of your package and we will refund 100% of your package price, no questions asked*. No health club, fitness center or gym can even come close to this guarantee. Just UNICUS Fitness® Training….a different kind of fitness company.

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The UNICUS Fitness Personal Training System

The Unicus Fitness Personal Training System was born out of the necessity for bringing more movement to the human body, now that creature comforts like cars, planes and office buildings have become the norm. The human body was meant to move around and work, NOT to sit for around 6-8 hours per day. As technology has progressed the human race, it has slowly made us worse off, physically, over the last 100 years. Various workout systems have been introduced and developed but not all of them do what Unicus Fitness Training does for the human body.

One of the oldest methods is BodyBuilding Style Training. This calls upon principles such as Sets, Reps, Progressive Overload and Pyramidization as well as splitting the body into parts that are worked on different days. If the goal is to get BIGGER, then this system is still great to this day. If that is not the goal, then we need to look elsewhere….

High Intensity Interval Training or HIIT is based upon principles that look at how high a persons heart rate will get during training while going from exercise to exercise with very little rest in between. The claim of burning more fat for longer after the workout is based on Excess Post-exercise Oxygen Consumption or EPOC, which this style of training will do (making it similar in some veins to Unicus Fitness Training). The execution of this style is sometimes used to just tire people out and make them sweat so that they leave the session feeling like they got their moneys worth. But if the goal is to make people better (and not just tired), then we have to look at some other systems…..

CrossFit is a style of training made popular by making the training session a type of competition. It uses a lot of Olympic lifts, body weight and kettlebell work in its programming, all excellent modes of exercise. There is even a CrossFit Games now that allows competitors to compete in CrossFit workouts against other competitors across the world. The use of time as a means of creating a competition though, has shown to be detrimental to a huge swath of people that focus less on their form and more on their “number”. Though proven excellent for people who love competition and are in the Type A personality group, for anyone with physical limitations, this style might not be the best choice when deciding how to workout…..

There are of course even more training systems and styles, too numerous to list, but the point is that Unicus Fitness Training was born out of what we saw as a need for people that didn’t fit into the other training categories or who those training methods just might not work for.

One of the things that we tell our customers is an old saying, “We train movements and not just muscles”. Bodybuilding training focuses solely on developing each individual muscle to its peak so that they create a certain aesthetic. We focus on what the customer wants to do with their muscles, what goal is trying to be achieved. We know that they will look better, but we don’t make that our sole focus.

Another thing we say is “If a machine only can do one thing, it is a pretty big waste of metal”. This means that traditional, isolation type of machines are not usually found in our style of training. We want multi joint, whole body movements and exercises because that is how the body moves and not just one joint at a time.

We use principles found in Newtonian Physics and Biomechanics to help create a work of art out of our customers bodies. We know how to use leverage, torque and Earths Gravity to make everyone’s body work harder, much harder than with traditional training methods. And we do it in a way that keep our customers safe and injury free. We also follow our Basic Body Principle that breaks the body into what we call The Big Four and Little Three. These make up the Seven areas of the body that we want to make sure get hit during all the movements of a workout.

The Big Four: Chest, Back, Core, Legs

The Little Three: Shoulders, Biceps, Triceps

We even have a specific principle for stretching, called our Stretch Reset Principle, whereby we believe that stretching between exercise holds the greatest amount of efficacy and benefit for our customers bodies by making them less sore after the workout and giving them a greater range of motion while creating a longer, leaner body.

Personal Training to us is part science and part art form and something that we have been practicing for a very long time. We offer all new clients a FREE Training Session and FREE Consult so that they can see where they are at and where they need to be. Click below to sign up for a FREE Training Session and Consult and see what makes Unicus Fitness Training different from all the rest.


Personal Training Can Come to Your Building

If you are in Chicago and live or work in a Hi-Rise that has a fitness center in it, we can provide Unicus Fitness personal training onsite for you. Just let us know the building and/or the building contact so we can get it all set up for you. We carry all the necessary insurance that Chicago buildings demand for personal training and have many years experience with a lot of the property managers in Chicago.