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Surfset Fitness with WCIU TV Show

In a clip broadcast on WCIU morning talk show, You and Me In the Morning, the hosts, Jeanne Sparrow and Melissa Forman, get shown everything about Surfset Fitness at The Chuan Spa & Health Club by Unicus Fitness Trainers Sandi Berger, Mike Perrozzi and Chris Fuller.

Surfset Fitness utilizes Surfset Surfboards to create a series of surf inspired exercises that help the body get into shape through the use of the unstable surface.

surfset fitness is fun

The Chuan and Unicus Fitness brought Surfset Fitness to downtown Chicago over the summer by having classes outdoors on the AMA Plaza. Coming up in the winter, there will be more of these classes inside the Chuan that will be available to both members and non-members who want to have fun while getting into great shape. The surfing exercises, combined with Unicus Fitness methodology, produce a potent workout system that targets the core, butt, legs and balance.

The Surfset training device and protocols were developed by a former professional hockey player that discovered how great a shape he was in from an off-season of just getting out and surfing the waves. After an injury derailed his pro hockey career, he was able to create the first Surfset training devices and get his invention on the popular TV show, Shark Tank. His device was a hit and it got sent to market and the rest is history!

Watch the clip here

Fitness and Nutrition Tips from Unicus Fitness

Fitness and Nutrition Tips from Unicus Fitness

Prime wedding season is quickly approaching and the desire for a lean body and six-pack abs are only a few weeks away. However, you do not need to spend hours at the gym cranking out hundreds of crunches to achieve the body you want or feel comfortable shedding your clothing at the beach on your honeymoon. Dina Castillo, fitness expert with UNICUS Fitness®, suggests breaking down the components of fitness to achieve the results you are looking to achieve.

Your body, nutrition, goals and results can be a complicated process if you are jumping in without a plan, prior workout experience or a professional to assist you. The overwhelming amount of information and fads that are present in the fitness industry makes it hard to know what will benefit you personally and what you are looking to accomplish. The tips in the article are meant to simplify your routine and are perfect for the bride looking to drop a dress size, feel more confident, lose weight and tone up your physique before your big day!

Read the full article in Chicago Style Weddings Magazine and all of Dina’s tips at Chicago Style Weddings Magazine



Five Fitness Classes Good For Brides-to-Be

Five Fitness Classes Good For Brides-to-Be

Wedding Boot Camp by Unicus Fitness® featured in Time Out Chicago!

UNICUS Fitness was developed by Frank Nunez and Dina Castillo with the intent of breaking away from the standard gym models and focusing on results—not memberships. They say their strictly personalized programs have slimmed down thousands of brides, grooms and wedding parties. If you don’t drop one dress or pant size for each month in the program, a full refund is guaranteed.

The next session begins Monday 7 and will be held at two locations: the Fitness Lair (233 N Michigan Ave) and Chatham Center (1901 N Roselle Rd, Schaumburg). $150

Read the full article here:  Five Fitness Classes For Brides-To-Be

Weight Loss Weapon

Weight Loss Weapon

Wedding Boot Camp by Unicus Fitness® results-focused fitness programming has proven to be an effective weight loss weapon for many struggling to meet their goals.  Gozamo’s contributor Melissa Nuñez-Mangold failed several times before taking the leap to joining a serious Wedding Boot Camp course.  After trying Weight Watchers, lackluster gym memberships and at-home DVD’s paired with workout equipment, Melissa just wasn’t getting the results she wanted. That quickly turned around after Wedding Boot Camp by Unicus Fitness® programming. Here is what she had to say:

“Not only was I able to drop a dress size in about a month, but I felt healthier and more energetic throughout the day.”

Check out Melissa Nuñez-Mangold’s experience with Wedding Boot Camp, failed New Year’s resolutions and shedding those extra winter pounds:  Weight Loss Weapon

Sweatin’ to the Zombies

Sweatin’ to the Zombies

Ever wonder how you would fare in a zombie apocalypse?  The Unicus Fitness® Zombie-Preparedness Fitness Class can whip even the undead into shape.  

The deets: From 10 a.m. to 11 a.m. Saturdays through Dec. 5 (the class doesn’t meet Nov. 28), you can train for the rise of the living dead. The class features agility drills, in which participants must avoid cones and small hurdles, plus sprinting drills with quick direction changes as practice for fleeing zombies. In case you come face-to-face with the undead, you’ll also learn combat kickboxing and practice using weighted bats and sledgehammers to build strength and proper form for fighting. All fitness levels are welcome, and the workouts will be adjusted for individual abilities. Sessions are $15 each or $45 for four classes, and preregistration is required. Ten percent of the profits from the class go to local theater company Brain Surgeon Theater.

For more details, visit RedEye Chicago Sweatin’ to the Zombies


Chicago Social Brides Magazine

Chicago Social Brides Magazine

Wedding Boot Camp by Unicus Fitness® featured in the Wed Dossier of Chicago Social Brides Magazine.  

Wedding Boot Camp by Unicus Fitness® meets three times a week for intense body weight exercises, resistance band work and cardio. Perfect for the bride and groom-to-be or the whole wedding party. We’re so sure you’ll tone up that we promise to return your money if you’re not happy with the results.

Check out the feature here:  Chicago Social Brides Magazine


The Wedding Boot Camp Industry

The Wedding Boot Camp Industry

The Wedding Boot Camp industry has attracted quite a bit of attention as of late.  Quickly becoming known as a no-nonsense, ultra-effective program to prepare for your big day, there are now waiting lists for many of the popular classes.

Wedding Boot Camp by Unicus Fitness® is one, specializing in results-focused programming to help brides and grooms get into shape quickly, continue to expand their Wedding Boot Camp schedule.  The money back guarantee speaks for itself.

“Unicus Fitness®, which specializes in personal training and offers Wedding Boot Camp at five Chicago-area locations, has seen enrollment in the nuptial course explode the past year and a half,” said Gina Marsico, the camp director.

“Since February, the program has trained an average of 110 brides a month.” she said.

Read the full article here:  Wedding Boot Camp So Popular That Park Districts Get In On The Party

Unicus Fitness Vocalo 89.5 Radio Interview

Vocalo 89.5FM Radio Interview

“When you’re think of a gym you’re thinking of four walls, a ceiling, the brick and mortar.  What they are trying to do is sell you a pass, i.e. a membership, that will allow you access into this place full of shiny equipment and once your inside you can choose to take advantage of some of the services that they do offer but that’s not really the biggest concern.  Their biggest concern is just getting you in the door, having you pay this monthly membership, and how they make money is that they actually hope and pray that you don’t come- but keep paying.  That’s how the profits are made from that model.”

Listen to Frank Nunez and Dina Castillo break down the formula to success behind Unicus Fitness®, the Fitness Lair® and the Wedding Boot Camp program on Vocalo 89.5FM.

Get Your Body In Gear

Get Your Body In Gear

I know it’s lame, but I can’t help it: I want to look good on my wedding day. I’ll see friends I haven’t hung out with since 3am at the Robo Pound table in college (FYI, that’s a drinking game—I played a lot of it), and I’d like to think I’ve cleaned up a little since then. Looking to slim down for the big day, I tried a few of the wedding workout packages offered around town—everything from Pilates to personal training. Here’s how they stacked up:

Hard-core training
Brides and grooms who are super serious about the whole shape-up thing should sign up for Wedding Boot Camp at Equinox ($1,200). Over one month, you’ll get 12 personal-training sessions and four spa treatments, plus you�ll complete food and cardio logs. It’s intense and tiring (and pricey), but it sure does work: I lost a few pounds and was visibly toned. Honeymoon plans are also discussed—programs differ if you’ll be, say, climbing Mount Kilimanjaro versus sunning on a beach in Mexico (like me). Grade: A+ I haven’t looked this good since high school. Available at allChicago Equinox locations (

Graceful toning
I found a less extreme, gentle approach with the Bridal Bodies package at Body Endeavors ($525): ten group mat classes, ten private Pilates sessions and one massage. I felt leaner and taller after each personal session. Grade: BResults are subtle—think improved posture and body awareness, not sculpted arms and flat abs. Plus, it takes newbies a few sessions to get the hang of Pilates and see results. 1528 N Halsted St (  312-202-0028  312-202-0028  ,

All-out group effort
Spending hundreds on one-on-one training is awfully extravagant, but I found an inexpensive option with Wedding Boot Camp by Unicus Fitness® (12 50-minute classes, $125). Peppy, talented instructors lead up to 30 students through exhausting cardio and strength drills. Grade: B+There aren’t perks like locker rooms and cardio machines, but hey, it’s cheap. Various locations (,  312-81…).

Living room tune-up
To save money and reacquaint myself with the snooze button, I ordered the new Healthy Bride DVD ($20, Workouts are catered to specific dress styles (wearing a strapless gown? You’ll do a lot of push-ups).Grade: C+ Folks who can be diligent about home workouts will get results. I didn’t.

Original article posted on Time Out Chicago

Drop the Weight of Winter Excuses

Drop the Weight of Winter Excuses

Frank Nunez’s first attempt at weight-lifting ended with a group of girls rescuing him after he trapped himself under the bench press bar. An aerospace engineering major at the University of Michigan at the time, he was 6 feet 2 inches tall, and weighed 105 pounds.

Nunez reports that that was a make-or-break moment in his life and from that moment on he wanted to know everything he could about working out. Since that time, he has worked as both a personal trainer and fitness model in his 22-year career in the fitness industry. Currently, he is the co-owner of UNICUS Fitness, a Chicago-based consulting, design, management and programming company for fitness facilities. Though still trim, he has bulked up to a much more muscular weight over the last two decades.

Nunez discussed winter exercise and more at his newest project, the Fitness Lair, on North Michigan Ave, a facility touted as the first and only private fitness studio on the Magnificent Mile.

Frank had a tumultuous beginning with the bench press, but his determination and motivation pushed him to succeed.  Read the full interview here: Medill Reports Chicago