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200 West Adams Fitness Center

For the tenants of the building, The 200 West Adams Fitness Center Powered by Unicus Fitness, is a great fitness amenity and all at a great price for access.

Just a one time $75 payment is all that is needed to have 24/7 access to the fitness center. Payment can be handled with the Office of the Building on the 25th floor.


The list of equipment provided by Precor Fitness, includes:



Standard bikes

Recumbent bike

Spin style bikes

Smith Machine Bar and Weights

Dumbells up to 75lbs

Pre-loaded barbells up to 110lbs

2-Dual Cable Machines (over 60 exercises possible on each)

Leg extension/Leg Curl Combo

Leg Press Machine

Plus there is a full Rock Climbing Bouldering Wall with crash pit, available to members. Unicus Fitness will be providing programming on the wall soon so stay tuned.

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Come and Do Yoga Class Every Tuesday at noon with Us!


Yoga Class Description: Tuesdays at 12 noon

Mid Day Yoga Renewal-Prepare to feel like a new person with this great yoga class….perfect for those that sit most of the day

Signup for Yoga Class Here

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Personal Training Consults with a Unicus Fitness Professional will be provided FREE to all Members that request them.

Members will receive the following during a consult:
-Equipment Orientation

-Body Age Assessment: Learn 7 points about your body….Weight, BMI, Fat, Muscle, Visceral Fat, Resting Metabolic Rate, The Age of Your Body vs. Chronological Age

-Evaluative Workout: We learn what your body Can and Can’t do so that you can know what exercises might not be good for you and which you should focus on

-Custom quote for personal training package***

***Personal Training can range from a high of $100 per session down to a low of $35 per session based on a myriad of factors: Type of session, number of sessions per week, number of months in package, if you are sharing your trainer with up to 2 other people***

The 200 West Adams Fitness Center Powered by Unicus Fitness will have everything that the tenants need to change their life and body.

Click Here to schedule your FREE Body Age Assessment and Consult with a Unicus Fitness Professional

Free Body Age Assessment and PT Session



Now Members of The 200 West Adams Fitness Center Powered by Unicus Fitness will also have the ability to do Personal Training and Semi Private Training at The Fitness Lair on the 14th floor of 200 West Adams. Click here for more information on The Fitness Lair and see why it has been the most popular personal training studio in the Chicago Loop for the last 3 years.

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