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Corporate Wellness


Unicus Fitness® specializes in corporate wellness education, health fairs, employee training and team building exercises. We calculate the cost vs. benefit analysis of implementing healthy practices in the workplace with solutions tailored to your organizations size and needs.

Corporate Health Fairs

Every company needs to see where their people are starting from to know where they need to go with their health and fitness. Your company can choose from the following health risk factors tests: Blood Pressure, weight, body fat, BMI, visceral fat, Resting Metabolic Rate, Carpal Tunnel Test, Body Age, Cholesterol* You will also get a comprehensive report detailing your company’s health risk factors and how it compares across the nation.

Corporate Fitness Challenges

Your company can have a UNICUS Fitness® Corporate Challenge custom designed based around a series a goals that each person needs to meet each month. Those that meet their goals can qualify for a series of prizes and gifts that your company can choose from beforehand. This is a great way to encourage people to get in shape and change their lives, while providing an atmosphere of teamwork.

Corporate Seminars

Let UNICUS Fitness® Professionals come to your office and provide an educational seminar during the lunch hour. You can choose from a series of topics that will provide specialized information to your staff. Choose from the following seminar topics:

  • How to change your life with five minutes of exercise from your desk and the “4 Laws of Meal Timing”
  • Nutritional myths that are preventing you from getting in shape
  • Reducing stress in the workplace

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Personal Training for Employees

Your company can purchase UNICUS Fitness® Personal Training Classes to be done onsite at your place of business or have your employees come to The Fitness Lair for a customized hour of programming.

Choose from a wide variety of Personal Training for Employee class options:

Ultimate GUTS Super Circuit – Guaranteed to supercharge the body into a calorie-burning furnace

Power Abs and Core – Works every muscle from the top of your knee to the bottom of your ribcage

Stress Box Kickboxing – Put on the gloves and hit the bags while learning the conditioning secrets of fighters

Power Pilates – Inspired by a training system developed over 100 years ago, this will challenge your core and spirit like nothing else

Weekend Warrior – Become the athlete you always thought you were while working on your speed, agility and power

Fat Burn Sweat – If you don’t sweat during this one something is wrong with your glands!

TRX Body Blast – Use these suspension trainers to lean and tone your body so tight you can bounce a quarter off your stomach and butt!

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