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Why Bodybuilding Protocols Are Wrong

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Why Bodybuilding Protocols Are Wrong

I know that colleges still are teaching bodybuilding protocols as the main way that most people should workout, and I know that this is one of the main reasons that people don’t get the body that they are looking to achieve.

The standard way that working out and training was taught when I was in college is still being promoted. Standard Pyramid Training, with Micro and Macro Cycles and splitting body parts up…These are all excellent methods of growing the size of your muscles and body and making it so you take up more space on planet Earth. Lets just make it as simple as possible for people to understand. The part that most people still don’t understand is that the muscle does not grow when you train, it grows when you rest. So standard Bodybuilding training is designed to make sure that rest is built in on a large and small scale.

Getting smaller and wearing smaller clothes, I have found to be the average person’s definition of “working out”. Using bodybuilding protocols has not worked for most people if that is the definition that they are using to determine success from working out. Burning excess bodyfat and shrinking the size of your body and the clothes size you wear will best be achieved by throwing out standard bodybuilding protocols.

Train what Unicus calls the Big 4 first: Chest, Legs, Back, Core

Worry about the Little 3 last: Shoulders, Biceps, Triceps

Train everything on the same day and do away with sets and reps and splitting body parts up. The amount of time that a muscle stays under tension will determine the amount of calories the body is using, the amount of energy released of the watts coming off your body. More tension means more energy released. Hence the Unicus Fitness Time Under Tension method. No worrying about how much weight you are lifting, not if reducing the size of your body is the goal. Just get your calories per unit of time pumped up by making sure to train compound movements for time, not sets or reps.

Another Unicus Fitness method is called Mechanical Inefficiency Training, where we are trying to make your body as inefficient as possible. Your body is always trying to be more efficient but that just means it wants to do the least amount of work possible and make doing something easy. With Mechanical Inefficiency Training, your are doing the opposite. You want things to be as hard as possible for the body to do so your burn more calories per unit of time.

Come and check out our PT Classes or our Premium Boot Camps to see the Principles of Unicus Fitness in action and how they have helped out thousands of customers since 2003. And if you are a fitness pro, contact us about the Teacher Training and Apprenticeships we are offering for other fitness professionals that want to learn how to use these principles to give your clients the best results in the shortest amount of time.

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