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PT Classes (Group Fitness)

PT Classes: What makes them different?

The UNICUS Fitness® version of group fitness is our PT Classes.  We use our Time Under Tension and Mechanical Inefficiency methodology to work every muscle and energy system in the body and make you into a walking, talking, fat burning and muscle tightening machine.  What we don’t do? Traditional Group Fitness methodology like “Simon Says” style learning or basing movements around music 8 counts. We also set our classes up differently so that everyone gets access to the instructor and no one feels left out. Our PT Classes are way more inclusive than traditional group fitness classes and we set up the class so that a fitness veteran can workout right alongside a brand new exerciser and they will both be challenged to the best of their own ability.
We also don’t fall prey to the “Cross Fit Style” or “HIIT Style” of training that a lot of fitness classes have devolved into lately. Our doctrine is that we want to make you better and not just tired.
Having people feel like they are going to puke or pass out after the class, is not really a great indicator for how effective the class is for the members. Our customers always report feeling way more energized and engaged with their bodies after their PT Classes, and not like they have been driven into the ground.
We provide PT Classes to all versions of Fitness Amenities:
Commercial Office Buildings
Residential Buildings
Hotels and Resorts
The menu of PT Classes that we provide can be customized along with our Yoga and Pilates offerings for each location. Contact us to set up a FREE Consultation if you want to bring Unicus Fitness PT Classes to your building or customers.

Class Descriptions: Choose from the following Unicus Fitness creations

Fat, Burn, Sweat: Prepare to melt all that fat away! If you are not sweating on this one, something is wrong with your glands.

Ultimate GUTS: Military inspired training using body weight type exercises and various equipment. Every day is a different workout.

Power Abs & Core: Training that focuses on the complete core; upper, middle and lower abs, obliques, low back muscles, glutes and hip flexors.

Weekend Warrior: Get intensive sport style training and conditioning to take yourself and your game to the next level.

TRX Body Blast: The suspension training class designed to work every large muscle group. A type of functional training that is fast paced to get your heart pumping, muscles working and core engaged.  Over 300 exercises alone can be done on the TRX so no class will ever be the same!

Butts and Guts: The two biggest problem areas on a persons body, get the direct treatment from Unicus Fitness so prepare to make them both burn!

City Strength: A functional strength training class that focuses on Whole Body Strength Training to make your stronger and leaner than you can imagine.

Red Carpet Ready: This class provides some of the best celebrity fitness secrets to make you long, lean and ready for your closeup!

Body Weight Basics: No equipment needed with this class, just Earth’s gravity and our expertise to get you lean and tight.



Contact Unicus Fitness to see if our PT classes are a right for you and your people.