Fitness and Nutrition Tips from Unicus Fitness

Fitness and Nutrition Tips from Unicus Fitness

Fitness and Nutrition Tips from Unicus Fitness

Prime wedding season is quickly approaching and the desire for a lean body and six-pack abs are only a few weeks away. However, you do not need to spend hours at the gym cranking out hundreds of crunches to achieve the body you want or feel comfortable shedding your clothing at the beach on your honeymoon. Dina Castillo, fitness expert with UNICUS Fitness®, suggests breaking down the components of fitness to achieve the results you are looking to achieve.

Your body, nutrition, goals and results can be a complicated process if you are jumping in without a plan, prior workout experience or a professional to assist you. The overwhelming amount of information and fads that are present in the fitness industry makes it hard to know what will benefit you personally and what you are looking to accomplish. The tips in the article are meant to simplify your routine and are perfect for the bride looking to drop a dress size, feel more confident, lose weight and tone up your physique before your big day!

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