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How Sitting All Day Is Slowly Killing Us

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How Sitting All Day Is Slowly Killing Us

What has become our greatest success as a species has also become our greatest downfall. The creation of the modern city, replete with sky scrapers has always been the symbol for human advancement in history. But by building up, that has made a lot of our day all about sitting. Sitting in chairs and cubicles to make a living instead of moving around, getting blood flow the way our bodies were meant to work. This lack of movement has had many unfortunate side affects on the human body: Higher blood pressure, more joint pain/problems, higher body fat levels, less muscle mass

The number of fitness centers inside commercial office buildings has grown exponentially since we started our business in 2003. It is a welcome change from the times of being told that putting one in a commercial office building was an unnecessary luxury. But now it has become a necessity for all the humans working inside these same buildings. But it goes beyond just putting in a room full of metal machines in the building. People need real solutions and an actual plan of what to do to make sure they stay healthy. The ones that need the most help are the ones that feel most intimidated by the room full of metal machines. So the next stage of progression is not in the “stuff” or the machines, but in the programming. People are not trying to become Mr or Mrs Universe, but they want to have a better quality of life. So the old rules of body building style training go out the window. The modern office worker needs training that is time sensitive and focuses a lot more on their core.

Progress should not be a killer for the human body.

People need blood flow during the day and should not be forced to sit all day long, 8-10 hours each day without having some kind of outlet for moving around and also having a systematic plan to work their muscular, skeletal and energy systems. Here is to hoping that more and more Commercial Office Buildings realize that having quality fitness and corporate wellness programming is just as important as having the actual fitness center. Unicus Fitness will keep leading the way as our operations keep expanding across the country, especially in the form of our newest Unicus Fitness Franchise offering, which meshes perfectly with Commercial Office Building fitness centers. We have studied the office worker needs for over a decade and have formulated specific programming which improves the health and function of each worker in under 21 days. Contact us directly if your Commercial Office Building would like to learn more about Unicus Fitness Programming or Franchising.

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