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The Myth of the Fitness Routine

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The Myth of the Fitness Routine

Why do so many people get frustrated with their workout results (or lack of results) from their fitness routine? Why can’t there just be 1 good routine that will provide superior results? You want to know why? Simple, its because workout routines are done by human beings with human cells……let me explain.

We need to bring it back to some basic components first. Working out, is really just a demand on your muscles to overcome different gravitational and inertial forces. This can range from going for a jog, to lifting weights, to doing a yoga class. Your workout routine can be as bland as going for a walk to as exotic as competing in a survival race. Doesn’t matter because everything takes place on Earth with Earth’s gravitational forces and everyone working out is human.

When you make a demand on your muscles to overcome these forces, a lot of the same things happen each time for every human cell. Your body starts to learn and adapt very fast. At first, it has to work very hard to overcome the demand. But the more chances it has at doing the workout routine, the better it gets at overcoming the forces. Or in other words, the more Efficient it becomes. That is an important word to remember. Most people would equate it with being a good word, but you can’t use subjective terms like Good or Bad when describing workouts. The reason being, what is Good for one person, might be Bad for another. It all depends on where the person is starting and where they want to go with their results.

So getting into a routine that you can always do, will make your body more Efficient each time you do it. There is less demand on your muscular and cardiovascular systems to work as hard as it previously did. But that also means that your body is not adapting as well, so that means that you won’t see as many physical changes to your body. And you have to ask yourself, “Why am I working out?”

If you are working out to see a physical change in your body, a routine mentality will keep you from achieving optimal results. If you are working out for mental clarity or stress relief, you don’t need to worry so much. But it all comes down to what you are looking to do.

You need to become Less Efficient and not More Efficient in your workouts if you are hoping to achieve optimal development, whether it be to your muscular or cardiovascular system. Falling into the trap of doing the same routine over and over again will be the bane of all your results. And the main reason we hear people say that they want a routine to do is so that they don’t have to think when they are working out.

Remember this Unicus Fitness axiom: “What’s good for my mind is terrible for my body.” It simply means that your body will adapt to routines that you adapt simply to make it easier on your brain when working out.

If you are finding yourself on cruise control, you need to shake up your fitness routine if Results are what you are looking to get from your workouts.

Check out Unicus Fitness Training for yourself or customers if having a fitness methodology based on making the body less efficient is what you are looking to do. Our Mechanical Inefficiency Training methodology has been proven by independent 3rd parties to provide a over 60% greater results than traditional fitness methodology.

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  1. Isabelle | May 14, 2016 at 5:39 pm

    Walking in the prescnee of giants here. Cool thinking all around!


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