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Unicus Fitness Boot Camp

Unicus Fitness® Boot Camp

With a Unicus Fitness® Boot Camp, they are built to make you sweat and succeed.  Whether you are looking for intense workouts to lose fat and inches or more targeted training to become a better athlete, our Boot Camp programs guarantee the results you desire.

Red Carpet Ready Boot Camp

What is it?  Red Carpet Ready Boot Camp is designed to make your body smaller and tighter in the shortest amount of time possible and the results are guaranteed.  The classes are progressive, allowing your body to build up for the demands of the program.   There may be other programs that say they help with rapid fat loss and size reduction, but only Unicus Fitness has proven it over the last decade with thousands of satisfied customers. Your body will keep burning calories up to 48 hours after your workout.  Regular workouts stop burning calories within 60 minutes, but as is the case with UNICUS Fitness® Programming, we use Time Under Tension™ and Mechanical Inefficiency Training™ to maximize your bodies potential. The boot camp also comes with our Unicus Fitness Nutritional Handbook and access to our online training.

Who is it for?  Anyone that wants rapid fat loss, smaller clothes size and noticeable toning of their arms, legs, butt and core

When does it meet?  3 days per week for 4 consecutive weeks.  Individual classes vary in length from 40-55 minutes. Morning classes meet at 6am on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Evening classes meet at 6pm on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.

What is the cost?  $189/month

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Participants cannot start in the middle of a session.  Join us for a FREE Trial Class to see for yourself how effective the Red Carpet Ready Boot Camp program is! 

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Sports Conditioning Boot Camp

What is it?  This is the ultimate UNICUS Fitness® Program for athletes from all walks of life. Let UNICUS Fitness® Professionals guide you to become not just a better athlete, but one that is more injury resistant, because what is the point of developing strength and power if you can’t stay on the playing field? You workout 3 times per week for 4 weeks with a UNICUS Fitness® Professional in this specialized boot camp and the focus is on the following areas: Dynamic Stretching, Power Production, Functional Strength, Recovery Exercises. The boot camp also comes with our Unicus Fitness Nutritional Handbook and access to our online training.

It is a different way of looking at sports conditioning, one that is more rooted in the Unicus Fitness method developed by our owner, Frank Nunez, over his 25+ years as a fitness professional, which includes a stint as a Division I Strength and Conditioning Coach

Who is it for?  The male or female athlete looking for the competitive edge in their sport to not only be stronger and faster, but also resistant to injuries

When does is meet?  Morning classes meet at 7am on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

What is the cost?  $189/month


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