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At Unicus Fitness, we make working out a simple process that is also enjoyable for all of our clients. Now that doesn’t mean easy, because there is a difference. But we don’t think that working out should be a complicated or convoluted process. People want results that they can replicate on their own and that is what we try to teach everyone. Whether it is with our Big 4 and Little 3 outline of their body parts or the Contract and Stretch principle of training we created, the goal is to make it a simple and enjoyable process, no matter the level of each client. We see it all the time, where other companies want to make the process so complicated so that they can “hold the client hostage”. It is a power move meant to keep the client at the mercy of the trainer. We just think differently and our clients appreciate it.

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working out should be a simple process that is enjoyable too









A simple process that is enjoyable to all

Unicus Fitness offers a truly customized workout to each client, but not only on what the specific customer needs but also how that particular customer feels that day. Because humans are not really machines and some days you feel better than others, so you need to make sure you can get a customized workout that reflects all of that. One of the things that really sets us apart is that we make the workout about the client and not so much about the workout. Making the workouts about focusing on the exercises in the workouts and not taking into account the person doing the workout, is just plain wrong to us. Too many times we have seen other fitness trainers want to make sure that their client does that workout plan that they worked on for all that time. It doesn’t matter that the client was up all night working on an important work project or that their kids might have been sick. It doesn’t matter about their client at all to that trainer… it is all about their workout.


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We offer customized workout plans for everyone






Versatility with programming for people of all needs

Unicus Fitness has been known for being experts in boxing conditioning as well as various forms of MMA conditioning, even for people not looking to get into a ring or cage anytime soon. We just believe it is one of the best conditioning methods for toning up and melting fat so it is definitely an option for all personal training clients. Plus we can offer various boxing conditioning classes at locations that have the space and equipment. With boxing, we want to first teach the basic punches of jab, cross, hook and upper cut. Then we create a program around the punches as well as core and resistance training. It makes the workouts fun and lets people really blow off some steam.Ā  You can sign up for a FREE Consultation and Training session to try out this type of training session by clicking here.




Boxing conditioning is great for getting into shape





























Boxing conditioning is one of our specialties

Unicus Fitness focuses on a lot of things when creating workout programs for clients but one of the main ones we think about is injury prevention. We have a belief that workouts should not be made to put clients at risk, but instead they should be made to enhance their lives. Too many times, other fitness pros focus on the cool new exercise they want their client to do, without giving much thought as to whether its an exercise that is appropriate for the client. Or worse, they don’t give the clients safety enough thought because they want to see how cool the exercise will look when it is being done by their client. Injury prevention needs to be at the forefront of the exercise programming along with delivering results. If you want to get a FREE Consult and Training session with us, then Click Here to get signed up.



Injury Prevention is key


















Injury prevention is a guiding force

Unicus Fitness has proven to be some of the best experts in weight loss by countless clients who don’t want to settle for the One Size Fitness All Approach. Our clients want everything customized for them and it doesn’t take advanced degrees to figure out how we go about making that happen. True weight loss is more like fat loss above all else, because as we say, losing weight is easy, but losing fat and gaining and retaining muscle is way harder.

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