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*I think that WBC/BBE are fantastic workouts for men, not only are they challenging but my fiancee/classmate is surpassing most of the time. I have yet to go to a day of class and not get a solid workout. The classes are an excellent way to firm and tighten up, both of which most men and women need. I have previously been enrolled in boot camp classes and I expected to be put through a similar routine. After going through two months of classes with unicus I’ve been impressed by the variety of exercises that we do. Each class has definitely been harder than the last.

Scott Special

S. Levin

*Fitness Bikini model credits UNICUS Fitness co-owner and nutritional cleanse

Fitness Bikini model

*Hear how Jackie lost 24lbs in 12 weeks participating in the 2010 UNICUS Fitness Wedding Boot Camp Challenge!


*Iris talks about her experience with Unicus Fitness Boot Camp…


Iris J.