Unicus Fitness Vocalo 89.5 Radio Interview - Unicus Fitness

Unicus Fitness Vocalo 89.5 Radio Interview

Vocalo 89.5FM Radio Interview

“When you’re think of a gym you’re thinking of four walls, a ceiling, the brick and mortar.  What they are trying to do is sell you a pass, i.e. a membership, that will allow you access into this place full of shiny equipment and once your inside you can choose to take advantage of some of the services that they do offer but that’s not really the biggest concern.  Their biggest concern is just getting you in the door, having you pay this monthly membership, and how they make money is that they actually hope and pray that you don’t come- but keep paying.  That’s how the profits are made from that model.”

Listen to Frank Nunez and Dina Castillo break down the formula to success behind Unicus Fitness®, the Fitness Lair® and the Wedding Boot Camp program on Vocalo 89.5FM.

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