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Wall Street Journal – Brides Gone Wild

Brides Gone Wild: Sultry Wedding Photos

A bride’s quest for the perfect wedding photo can be a costly and timely endeavor.  From unique locations to self-proclaimed wedding photojournalists, the dream wedding is attainable at a cost.  The perfect wedding body?  That can’t be bought in a store.

While the wedding industry continues to grow and provide more luxurious, personalized and themed wedding parties, fitness providers are getting in on the action with Wedding Boot Camps to serve brides and grooms to be that want to look their best for the their big day. They’re also interested in showing off the results of their extensive pre-wedding gym routines. “When they’re taking pictures, every bride wants to hear how good they look,” says Frank Nunez, the co-owner of Unicus, an Illinois company that offers “Wedding Boot Camp” workouts around Chicago. (Its pitch: “Working hard to give you the body you want on your wedding day.”)


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