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Lakeshore East Fitness

The Unicus Fitness Outdoor Lakeshore East Fitness Program is coming back! (For June 5th to Sept 2nd 2017)

Unicus Fitness is proud to once again represent Magellan Development as we will bring back the Lakeshore East Fitness Program to the Great Lawn this summer. Everyone will be able to enjoy our PT Classes including Yoga, all for one incredible price. Participants will be able to get 13 weeks of programming and 6 days per week of classes, a total of 78 Classes, for just $85 if signed up before June 19th! Once again this will be the fitness deal of the summer!

Unicus Fitness has been in business since 2003 and has created a proprietary group fitness class format that is called Personal Training Classes. PT Classes do away with traditional group fitness formats of “Simon Says” type training, instead PT Classes focus on making people smaller and tighter so that you can wear smaller clothes. PT Classes utilize what we call Time Under Tension and Mechanical Inefficiency Training to give you the body and life you always wanted, without traditional workout dogma. The PT Classes will once again be the highlight of the  Lakeshore East Fitness Program in the Summer of 2017.

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Park at Lakeshore East Fitness Programming:

Beach Body Emergency Express: Lean up for the beach by turning your body into a fat burning machine with us!
Butts and Guts Class: This class focuses on the top two trouble areas for customers and we are going to make sure they get torched!
Weekend Warrior: Come and train like an athlete, by doing some plyometrics and cardio bursts to torch fat and make yourself more athletic

Sunrise Yoga: Come and refresh your body and mind with this class that will have a Vinyasa touch to it. It will invigorate you while providing some core work as well as body lengthening

Vinyasa Flow Yoga: Get in the flow, The Vinyasa Flow and let  your mind and body come alive while keeping your body lean

Yoga Restore: Rechare your batteries with this yoga class that will leave you feeling new and recovered from a busy work week

Class times are:
Mon 6:15pm Beach Body Emergency Express

Tues 6:30am Sunrise Yoga

Wed 6:15pm Butts and Guts Class

Thur 6:30am Vinyasa Flow Yoga

Fri 6:30am Yoga Restore

Sat 10am Weekend Warrior


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The picturesque and intimate six acre park cultivated by Magellan Development features a botanical garden, lighted fountains and children’s park- and is a beautiful spot to get your body in shape for the summer.  We offer three price points to accommodate any budget:

1 Class Drop in for $15

10 Class Pass for $99

Complete Summer Unlimited Package for $85***

***Offer good until June 19th***

Ready to get started?  Click here for the best summer fitness program in Chicago.