875 North Michigan Ave Fitness Center - Unicus Fitness

875 North Michigan Ave Fitness Center

Unicus Fitness is proud to be back as the exclusive fitness provider for the 875 North Michigan Ave Fitness Center starting Sept 9th. We look forward to providing the tenants with our signature and award winning fitness programming. There will be a whole menu of services available to tenants that include:

875 North Michigan Ave, Cardio area

Cardio Area

Group Fitness Classes– We will start by offering 2 classes per week to the tenants at 875 North Michigan Ave but that might grow based on the popularity of the classes in general:

  • We have an array of award winning fitness classes including our proprietary classes like Killer Body Boot Camp, Beach Body Emergency, Power Abs and Core, The Ultimate GUTS Class, Fat Burn Sweat, Strike and Sweat and Weekend Warrior
  • We also offer specialized Yoga and Pilates classes like Vinyasa Flow and Mat Pilates for those exercisers that want a more Eastern feel to their workouts

-Personal Training Options-Our personal training tracks are designed for people that want a specific result: Click Here for more description of our training method

  • We have our Rapid Fat Loss track for those people that want to be smaller and wear smaller clothes
  • Our Sports Specific track is for athletes (pro or amateur) that want to be the best version of themselves for their chosen sport and we even specialize the training program down to the position the athlete plays in their sport
  • The Injury Rehab track is perfect for people coming off injuries or trying to work around an existing one without exacerbating it further
  • Our Pre and Post Natal track is made for all new and soon to be new mothers out there that want to make sure they are doing a solid workout plan that is also safe for their baby

-Corporate Wellness Programming-Our programming has proven to be invaluable to businesses that want to provide their workers with life changing options

  • Our 6 Week Fitness Challenge is a great way to make the traditional office weight loss challenge more fair to everyone involved. We measure and score weight loss, fat loss and muscle gain so that everyone looking to improve their health and fitness can join and not just those needing to lose massive amounts of weight.
  • Our Corporate Boot Camp is a great way to have a custom workout for your team but also we can turn it into a teambuilding exercise for those companies that want their people to come together in a fun and effective way.
  • Our Lunch and Learn Workshops make a great way for office workers to get content rich events that will make a solid difference in their productivity. Some of the most popular ones include How to Change Your Life with 5 Minutes of Exercise from Your Chair and The 4 Laws of Meal Timing.


CLICK HERE if you are a member of the 875 North Michigan Ave Fitness Center and want to sign up for a FREE Consultation and Body Age Assessment so we can determine what kind of program is right for you.

Strength area, 875 North Michigan Ave

Strength Area

The 875 North Michigan Ave Fitness Center will get the full Unicus Fitness treatment and it will all kick off with the Group Fitness Classes:

Tuesdays at 12:15pm, Mid Day Yoga Refresh

Thursdays at 12:30pm, Tone and Lean Boot Camp

875 North Michigan Ave, group fitness

Group fitness room


Click Here to Sign Up for the Basic Group Fitness Class Packages at 875 North Michigan Ave Fitness Center

  • Sign up for a single class for just $10 per class
  • Sign up for the 5 class pass for just $40
  • Sign up for the monthly unlimited package for just $60


Click Here to Signup for the Special 3 Month Introductory offer that gives you unlimited classes for just $39.95 per month