333 North Michigan Ave Fitness Center Powered by Unicus Fitness - Unicus Fitness

333 North Michigan Ave Fitness Center Powered by Unicus Fitness

Unicus Fitness has been chosen to bring its Headquarters and Programming to the 333 North Michigan Ave Fitness Center. These will include the PT Classes (Unicus Fitness version of Group Fitness), Personal Training Packages and Corporate Wellness Packages.

Unicus Fitness PT Classes *Starting January 2019

Here is the schedule for the PT Classes

12pm Mondays: TRX Body Blast (A body lengthening and tightening class)

12pm Wednesdays: Vinyasa Flow Yoga (A great mid week break for body and mind)

12:30pm Thursdays: Fat Burn Sweat (A killer cardio and muscle tightening class)


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Regular Pricing for PT Classes will be as follows:

1 Class Drop in=$15

10 Class Pass=$99 (Comes out to $9.99 per class)

Unlimited Monthly Membership (3 month min commitment)=$65 per month (Comes out to $5 per class)

Click here to see our classes online with Mindbody Online



Personal Training Packages for 333 North Michigan Ave Fitness Center

Unicus Fitness offers a wholly unique take on personal training with its Unicus Fitness Training Method where it combines Bio-Mechanical Inefficiency Training and the Stretch Reset Principle to give clients a world class personal training experience designed to increase calorie burn, increase mobility and decrease muscle soreness and pain after the workout.

Personal Training packages can be purchased as one of the following:
-Regular Personal Training (30 Min Sessions)

-Extended Personal Training (45 Min Sessions)

-Semi Private Personal Training (45 Min Sessions)

Unicus Fitness will provide its Personal Training Tracks for purchase at this facility. These include the following:

Rapid Fat Loss Personal Training: The best track for anyone looking to lose body fat while maintaining or gaining lean muscle. We can regularly achieve 1 dress size or 1 pant size lost per month with clients in this track.

Injury Recovery Personal Training: This track is for anyone trying to overcome an injury or needing the right exercises to do for working around an injury. It is NOT Physical Therapy, but we regularly work with Physical Therapists and Doctors to create a plan for our clients that works for them.

Pre/Post Natal Personal Training: This track is for expecting moms and brand new moms who need to know what exercises are safe for them and their baby. We have helped hundreds of moms and moms to be not only get back into shape but also help to make the pregnancy smoother and easier with exercise.

Sports Performance Personal Training: This track is for every kind of athlete from the weekend warrior to the professional athlete. Our trainers have extensive experience with multiple athletes and we specialize in making our athletes more injury resistant first, then more athletic. Being super strong and powerful is useless if you are stuck in the training room or the bench because of injury.

Golden Age Personal Training: This track is for our Senior clients that want to know how to exercise to improve their quality of life as well as increasing bone density and blood flow. Our goal is to make you stronger and fitter with better balance and a much better resistance to injury.


If you want to get a FREE Consultation for any of our Personal Training Tracks at 333 North Michigan Ave Fitness Center, Sign Up HERE.