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Weight Loss & Nutrition


Outside the gym you need a balanced diet to achieve optimal results.  Our weight loss and nutrition experts are here to create the most-effective nutrition and workout schedule to reach your goals. There are no miracles when it comes to weight loss; a healthy diet with regular exercise is the only way to see results, and we will show you how.

The problem is that we are overfed and nutritionally deficient.

We are polluting our bodies with processed foods and even when we try to eat healthy, the fresh foods are filled with pesticides.  To protect our bodies from these chemicals and toxins we use our fat cells to hold onto our weight and body fat.  In order to release the toxins, clean out the body and allow for optimal energy, body functioning and nutritional rebalancing, we need to flood it with the highest optimal nutrition out there!

UNICUS Fitness® does not go around recommending all kinds of products and trendy quick fixes.  If we recommend or endorse something, it is because we believe in it.  It is something we have personally studied and found to be incredibly healthy, organic, natural, and helpful to us and our clients.

It took UNICUS Fitness® almost a year to decide to work with the company, because like many people we were skeptical; was this another quick fix from an shady supplement company?  Within nine days, the owners of UNICUS Fitness®, Dina Castillo and Frank Nunez dropped a combined weight loss of 24 lbs., decreased their body fat by 3% each and increased their lean muscle by 3%!  when our bodies were cleaned out and we put in the highest grade of protein on the market, our muscles soaked it up and have not been the same ever since.

UNICUS Fitness® believe in a nutrition program that fits our standards and has the power to help our clients succeed!

Real People, Real Results

700 lbs. lost between 75 people in just 6 months!

After UNICUS Fitness® owners Dina Castillo and Frank Nunez completed their 9 day cleanse and saw not only weight loss but an increase in lean muscle mass and a decrease in body fat, they incorporated the products into their lifestyles as well as 75 others and counting!  Through proper coaching and education, Dina and Frank have helped individuals remove toxins, increase their energy and improved their overall health.  Every month during 2012, the goal through exercise and nutrition is to help individuals lost a total of 100 lbs. per month.  Contact us today to find out if this program is for you!

Guaranteed Weight Loss Program

14 Day Melt Down

Whether you are looking to jump start your fitness and nutrition regime, or looking to start one, the 14 Day Melt Down will guarantee a weight loss of 5-15 lbs for females and 15-30 lbs. for males and change your body!

The natural way to:

  • Release weight and toxins through detoxing your body.  Nutrients will be absorbed better and allow your body to lose fat that is attached to toxins.
  • Increase your metabolism through progressive workouts that will burn fat and increase lean muscle.
  • Get a tight and toned figure

When you enroll in the 14 Day Melt Down you will receive all the tools and professional guidance to change your health and body!

  • (2) 30 minute phone consultations with a fitness professional and cleanse coach
  • Set your fitness and nutrition goals
  • (14) Online Workouts
  • 11 Day Cleanse that includes all the products with online and phone coaching
  • (2) Fitness Assessments- Pre & Post
  • Online Measurement Tracking Sheet
  • Daily Coaching
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

The program starts on the 1st and 15th of the month.  A 5 day advance registration is required.  Sign up today!

Fitness Challenge

Change Your Body – Change Your Life!

Every year, UNICUS Fitness® hosts a fitness challenge that focuses on improving your body composition. We look for participants to increase their lean muscle mass and decrease their body weight without focusing the entire challenge on weight loss.  We are looking for participants to incorporate exercise and proper nutrition through the challenge and get the results they desire.  The winners of past challenges have won 7 night vacations to Hawaii and mexico.


Start making the best nutritional choices today.