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PT Classes (Group Fitness)


Group Fitness

The UNICUS Fitness® version of group exercise is PT Classes.  We use the Time Under Tension methodology to work every muscle and energy system in the body.  Combined with minimal rest and modifications to make every exercise more challenging, you will find the result you are looking for!

Class Descriptions

Fat, Burn, Sweat: Prepare to melt all that fat away! If you are not sweating on this one, something is wrong with your glands.

Ultimate GUTS: Military inspired training using body weight type exercises and various equipment. Every day is a different workout.

Power Abs & Core: Training that focuses on the complete core; upper, middle and lower abs, obliques, low back muscles, glutes and hip flexors.

Weekend Warrior: Get intensive sport style training and conditioning to take yourself and your game to the next level.

TRX Body Blast: PA suspension training class designed to work every large muscle group. A type of functional training that is fast paced to get your heart pumping, muscles working and core engaged.  Over 300 exercises alone can be done on the TRX so no class will ever be the same!


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