Online Workout Programing by Unicus Fitness to transform your body

Online Workout Programming for Everyone

Unicus Fitness is able to provide help to people all over the world with its Online Workout Programming. This allows clients to get customized workouts sent to them anywhere they are located. This is not like other online workout programming that can be found all over the internet. They won’t be cookie cutter programs that are sent to everyone and anyone, regardless of their needs, goals or physical limitations. With Unicus Fitness, clients get the personalization that has won us international awards for fitness programming excellence. The only thing that would be better than our online workout programming would be our Personal Training Programming that you can check out Here.

Online Workout Programing

Unicus Fitness Online Workouts will give you more than you ever thought possible from online training








Package Pricing

One month Fitness Starter Package=$99 for the month  Click Here to Purchase

3 Month Rapid Improvement Package=$79 per month Click Here to Purchase

6 Month Body Blaster Package=$69 per month Click Here to Purchase

12 Month Life Changer Package=$59 per month Click Here to Purchase



Online Workout Programming

Unicus Fitness can help you get into better shape than you even dreamed possible with our Online Workouts











How does it work?

The way the process starts is that a client signs up for a package from the list above and contacts us.

Next, the client fills out a questionnaire that lets us get a background on them and their needs and goals.

After, we have the client jump on the phone for a video chat so we can administer some basic testing as well as take the Before pic.

Then the client can either tell us or take a quick pic of the workout equipment available to them. All programming is customized to the available equipment.

Meal plans and grocery lists are also available with all packages if the client needs help with nutrition.

Weekly check ins help keep clients on track and we also send out tips and help like our Success Manuals as well as motivational emails.

We have all clients sign in to our Private Facebook page for more info and to get motivation from other online training clients.

Clients can have unlimited texts and emails for any and all questions for the duration of their online workout package.