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Free Body Age Assessment and Personal Training Session

If you’re ready to get serious about results, a Free Body Age Assessment and PT Session are where you start.

What You Get:

This consultation begins with our Body Age Assessment that uses Bio-Electrical Impulse to measure accurately.  We will measure Weight, BMI, Subcutaneous Fat (fat under skin), Muscle, Visercal Fat (fat lining your organs), Resting Metabolic Rate and your Body Age vs. Chronological Age to benchmark your Point A so we can better figure out where your Point B will be.

Next you will get a Personal Training Session that allows us to see what your body Can and Can’t do so we know what exercises you need to avoid and which ones you should focus more on with your program.

Lastly, we will provide you with a custom quote for personal training or semi-private training with Unicus Fitness that will get you to your fitness goal faster than you ever believed.

We have been in business since 2003 and have helped thousands of people from all over Chicago and the Midwest get into the best shape of their lives with our proprietary training systems. Let us help you end your frustration and get the body and life of your dreams.


What you will achieve:
– Accurate evaluation
Better understanding 
– Training regimen 
– Professional advice

You will leave more informed and confident in your decisions to achieve a better body and physical health.

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