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The Unicus Fitness Facility Design Process

Here are the steps taken by Unicus Fitness in our fitness facility design process to ensure the highest standards of excellence are held implementing a successful fitness center or fitness amenity for your facility.

Unicus Fitness Facility Design Process with fitness equipment





The first step in the fitness facility design process is the consult where we come out and view your space and meet and talk with you about what it is your are looking to do, what equipment and flooring and anything else you want for the project and more importantly, what budget you are looking to work with.
This last one is vital. In every single project that Unicus Fitness has done, we have NEVER missed a budget and it is a source of pride on our part. You don’t pay anything up front for us to come out and do this. We need the information to figure out the cost of the project.

Our fee structure is broken down to three parts:
Engagement Fee – Project Management Fee – Completion Fee

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We are able to help you envision what to do with your raw or demo space and help it to come alive into a beautiful fitness amenity.



This starts the ball rolling on the fitness facility design process so that we can begin working on getting quotes for all your pieces for the project. That Engagement Fee works on a sliding scale based on the size of your project. Small project, small fee. Large project, larger fee. No matter the square footage, we would need to know if the project needs any architectural or General Contracting (GC) work because if it does, then those fees would be separate from our Engagement Fee. If the project didn’t need architects or any general contracting work, then it will not be as expensive, but again, we need to come out and see the space and talk to you about what you want.

Once Engagement Fee is received we can get a quote back to you in 7-10 days. This will also depend on if it needs architecture or GC work. If it doesn’t, we can get the quote back faster.

– The architects can provide a layout and in some cases a 3D look at what your project will look life completed within the next week after that. If architects are not needed, then we can do a simple overhead layout for the space, but not a full rendering.

– Once you are happy with the layout and the quotes, then we begin the process of Project Management. If architects and GC’s are needed, they will give us a timeline of everything and we hold them to the timelines, making sure their work is done in a timely matter. If no architects or GC’s are used, then we begin procuring equipment, materials, and coordinating vendors.

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Project management and equipment procurement are the middle parts of the fitness facility design process.


Equipment Procurement/Project Management

This works on the sliding scale based on the project. But the lowest we go is based around having no architects or GC’s needed. We start the process of procuring all equipment and materials for your fitness amenity project. We adhere to all budgetary parameters that you set (we have never missed a budget in all our projects since 2003). If you need our help with designing budgets for your project, we help with that too, from fitness equipment to architectural design.

Once equipment and materials are ordered and delivered, we oversee the installation of everything, making sure that it is all professionally done. We oversee everything from the flooring, mirrors, equipment and GC work like the showers, locker rooms and front desk area. With fitness facility design it even includes marketing, so we can even help you with any online and offline marketing needs you might have with our marketing house. Flyers, banners posters and website, we can get you quotes on it all and then invoice you for whatever you decide on getting.

*We provide the invoicing for everything, but you are responsible for paying vendors for all equipment and materials and fees directly.

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Unicus Fitness oversees all equipment installation and placement and will even provide a grand opening for your fitness amenity.



Upon total completion of your project, we invoice you the final part of our fee which is the Completion Fee. This again is a sliding scale for projects but we really won’t know till we get more information from you and see how much work needs to be done.

We also guarantee that you will save more money from going through Unicus Fitness to get flooring and equipment than you ever pay out in fees to us. Our vendor relationships allow us to get everyone preferred pricing not offered to the general public.

Click here for a look at current Unicus locations or check out my Linked Page to see the list of completed projects that Unicus Fitness has been a part of since 2003, or contact me today to start a conversation about the fitness facility design process for your facility.
Frank Nunez
Founder of Unicus Fitness