181 West Madison Case Study - Unicus Fitness

181 W. Madison Ave.
Chicago, Illinois

CB Richard Ellis (CBRE), one of the largest real estate companies in the world

8,000 inhabitants (combined with another building with access)
1 million+ square feet

350+ members
Attrition rate less than 5%
98.2% customer satisfaction rate



181 West Madison is a prestigious office building set in downtown Chicago in the Loop. The location served a Commercial Office building in the Chicago Loop (181 West Madison) but also the partial headquarters for Northern Trust Bank which had a shared walkway with the building to its main building on Monroe. All in all, over 8,000 people could have access to the facility so it needed to be big enough to service these potential people.


The challenges of the location were space and location, because something on this scale was not the norm for CBRE in one of its buildings. This was to be one of the 5 Star Wellness Centers for its commercial building locations across the globe.

181-madison_2529 181-madison_2541 181-madison_2496 181-madison_2557


Unicus Fitness worked with a series of vendors and contractors to complete the project. Clune Construction and Whitney Architects worked with us to get the majority of the layout done, while Direct Fitness Solutions was our equipment vendor to help us procure all the fitness equipment.  Construction was planned for 12-14 weeks long and weekly update meetings were scheduled to keep everyone on task.


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The cardio area had to handle all the flow of traffic so we decided it would be the prominent are when people walked in. We chose Precor Preva cardio machines for the most part since they had individual tvs as well as full internet connection to them. Preva provided us the ability to track clients progress and provide messaging to them on the machines directly, giving them a more customized experience.  Strength area we chose Free Motion Live Axis machines and Keiser Performance Trainers to provide versatility and safety. These strength machines allow different ranges of motion to be performed on all of them and keep the joints of the customer safe, even if they don’t know what they are doing

2015-01-02 13.54.48 2015-01-02 13.52.29 2015-01-17 12.36.11 madison-fitness-center


CBRE wanted our Licensed Fitness Lair to be incorporated inside the center so we made one and stocked it with TRX, Woodway, Keiser and all the loose implements like kettlebells, medballs and battle ropes, to name just a few. The Mind and Body room housed the yoga and pilates classes as well as the Virtual Trainer from Well Beats. The Center also had a Hydromassage bed that could be controlled from the front desk.

181fitnesslair6 2015-08-28 15.31.10 2015-08-27 11.19.38 2015-08-28 15.33.11



Attrition Rate of less than 5% – industry average over 30%

Customer Satisfaction rate of 98.2%.

Zero cancellations due to Unicus Fitness programming or customer service. (All due to losing their job or leaving building)

We got CBRE to the break even point for our services within 30 Days of implementation.


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